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DC Universe Online
Choose your favorite hero or villain from the fantastical DC Universe and fight real adversaries online at their side. Create your character with the nearly endless options to match your ideals, and experience thrilling adventures in this famous action game.
Everquest 2
Gigantic online world – thousands of guilds, creatures and quests = the ultimate mass roleplaying game. EverQuest® II takes you to an astonishing world filled with captivating settings and terrifying creatures that are guaranteed to take your breath away.
Gunz 2
Millions of Fans around the world have been waiting for this day! And it has come: The sequel to the classic shooter has gone into Community Beta. Enter the fray and show 'em what you're made of.
Challenge Keledus, the Lord of Darkness, and return peace to the world in the gigantic 3D fantasy experience of Maestia. Choose one of two factions and four character classes, and prove yourself on numerous quests in this blockbuster roleplaying game.
Planetside 2
Epic battles with fantastic graphics and crystal clear sound in a huge community make PlanetSide 2 the most thrilling action shooter game of all time. Face massive battles in the most incredible online world you have ever seen.
S4 League
S4 League is the best of stylish action shooter anime games ever. Challenge thousands of enemies in this future sports and equip your characters with plenty of very unique costumes and weapons.
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  • Stylish Third Person Action Shooter
  • Thousands of teammates and enemies
  • Unique Weapon Design
  • Sports of the future
  • Best combination of style, action, shooter and sports
In the Japanese fantasy game Florensia you level on shore and at sea, build your own ship, defeat the strongest monsters and master up to 12 character classes. Features: equipment upgrading, guild fights etc. Set sail to plunder!
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  • Free to Play next-gen MMOG
  • Dual Battle System: on shore and at sea
  • 12 playable character classes
  • Fight against other players: 1on1 or party versus party PvP
  • International Community: Meet players from all over the Western Global world
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