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    News about Florensia in general.
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    Get a drink, take a seat and share your thoughts about the adventures awaiting you in Florensia.
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    Are you looking for people to meet, for new friends to make? Find them here and enjoy playing together.
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  • Quest Information
    Learn more about the various quests in the world of Florensia. You can also submit quest guides and ask about specific quests in this section.
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    For everything not related to Florensia
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  • General
    Who do you want to be? A magical Noble, a smart Explorer, a sly Pirate? Talk about your favourite classes and abilities.
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  • Explorer
    With their swift movements and the ability to rapidly shoot their enemies even at far distances, they are valuable and sincere companions in battle.
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  • Mercenary
    They turn their battle-scarred swords towards the enemies to protect their allies! They don't hesitate to stand their grounds while fighting for their beloved.
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  • Noble
    Their legacy is a wide range of mysterious powers from the ancients. Although physically weak, their destructive powers are impressive.
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  • Saint
    They can perfectly support their allies, but as well call upon the powers of light and darkness to destroy all evil. Their magic is based on their deep understanding of life.
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  • Game & Language Feedback
    Discuss about the game’s translation and gameplay issues
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    Here you can ask for help with technical problems
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