alaplaya is a new international gaming portal for games which can be played on the pc with other users over the internet – so called multiplayer online games.

Our goal is to offer you a platform with selected games as well as help and suggestions, so you will have fun playing.

For being able to play our games you will need the game client which can be downloaded for free at alaplaya. At alaplaya we won’t charge you for the time you play like many game subscriptions do but you are playing for free.

Of course we need to earn money too, to be able to keep this service up and running. That’s why we are selling desirous virtual items. You may (but don’t have to) buy these to equip your character in the games. But of course, success is not completely buyable. Thus you are paying only when you are having fun: that’s alaplaya’s fair philosophy.

You can pay using our own currency alaplayaPoints (AP) which you can recharge at your central eWallet and then use everywhere.
alaplaya offers a central registration, so you only need to register once to have access to our portal and our various games.

It’s very important for us to offer you a lively community so you are always able to find people to play with – here at alaplaya. We are offering our games in five languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and our portal even in Turkish. So if you feel like it, you can find friends from all over Europe. Our alaplaya user search will support you doing so with it’s smart search parameters.

In order to present yourself to the community, alaplaya even provides you with an own avatar system which allows you to determine your looks on the portal. Your avatar will be shown in your user profile and your PlayaCard, a kind of business card, as well as in several community functions, like our forums, your blog, the chat, on buddy lists and in the ranking or maybe even at “playa on Spot”. So it’s always worth it to invest into your virtual appearance!

Our continously starting events and tournaments allow you to participate and maybe even improve your standing within the gaming community alaplaya. This also effects your playa rank!

Well, you now have a first overview. We’re looking forward to you as well as your feedback and wish you a good time at alaplaya!

Your alaplaya Beach Patrol