Hero Design Contest!


You thought we wouldn't come up with a contest even more demanding than the last ones? This time, you can create your very own Hero - and you have one month to do so, so get started and send us your own personal Hero design until September 12 to see it in the game!

Every player may send us at maximum one Hero design for Oriens and one for Aeonia, but if you submit one for any of the two factions, your entry will of course also be accepted. After the end of the contest, one Hero for Oriens and one Hero for Aeonia will be selected by WeMade, WeMade FOX and the alaplaya Team. These two Heroes will then be developed and added to the game. Note that the development of a new Hero can take up to 3 to 4 months, depending on the progress of other Heroes currently in development and also depending on the overall development process of the game.

The more good submissions we get, the higher the rewards will be in the end: Win Heroes, AP, cash items and fame by getting listed on the alaplaya website as one of the most creative minds in the world of Avalon Heroes. Whether by sending us a kick-ass picture self-made picture of the Hero or a detailed description of what your Hero should be capable of, just let your imagination run wild and get started!

Are you ready for the next big creative challenge? Find out more about the contest right below the picture and make sure you have read our rules to increase your chances to win!

Getting inspired

Take a look at the existing Heroes at the following pages to see which powerful fighters we already have:

* This page is currently only available in English, other languages will follow shortly. To increase your chances of winning, your Hero should suit one of the Hero types listed on the Hero Concept page.

What you need to create a Hero

Take a look at Adelia's Hero page to see what is needed to create a new Hero. These are the different elements:

  • Looks and gender: Draw your Hero, describe him or send us pictures
  • Name: every Hero needs a killer name
  • Class: tank, support, assassin, 1on1 pro, building destroyer...
  • Camp and Type: Oriens or Aeonia - see Hero Concept page
  • Main attribute: STR, AGI, INT or PHY
  • Attack distance: Long-range, mid-range or close-range
  • Stats: At level 1 and at level 25
  • Description: A few sentences about your Hero, what his or her specialties are and what makes him or her unique
  • Skills: Four general skills including one ultimate skill, plus one to be obtained at 500 SP and one at 1250 SP

If you don't include all these details in your submissions, they will also be accepted, but the more details you include about the Hero, the better your chances to win. Make sure your Hero is unique, so it stands out from the existing Heroes!

Before you send us your submissions, please keep the following in mind:

  • The deadline for your submissions is September 12, 23:59h CEST
  • Send us your submissions via e-mail to
  • Don't forget to include your alaplaya nickname, your alaplaya ID, your Kin name in Avalon Heroes and the faction you prefer in Avalon Heroes (Oriens or Aeonia)
  • Do not send us *.zip, *.rar or similar archives, as e-mails with archives will instantly be dismissed
  • Make sure that the size of your e-mail does not exceed 3MB, else it might get lost!
  • For pictures, please use the following formats: *.png, *.jpg, *.gif - no *.bmp!
  • For texts, please use the following formats or just insert the text in the e-mail: *.txt, *.doc(x), *.xls(x), *.rtf, *.pdf

Please note that you will not receive an answer to your e-mail with the submission, as we will collect all e-mails first and take a look at them after the end of the contest. Double-check if the pictures in your e-mail can be opened, if you attached everything you wanted us to have.

The alaplaya Team reserves the right to disqualify or to not accept entries, for example when they are plagiarized, violating our Terms of Service or the Code of Conduct or if they are fake submissions which took five minutes to create.

WeMade and MOVON reserve the right to modify the winners' submissions in case they conflict with existing Hero designs, if they are overpowered or if specific design / technical attributes cannot be realized.

Good luck and have fun with the contest!
alaplaya Team